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  • What if there is a weather delay in city trash services?
    We make all attempts to work with your city and their schedules to mitigate any conflicts. We will contact you and keep you informed should there be any expected changes outside of our control.
  • What if I have more than two bins?
    No problem! The pricing will be adjusted but fall under the same structure for the additional bin(s)
  • Will Bin Donkey move any bulk items or yard waste?
    Our service members will not move anything more than the standard bins without prior approval. All additional items will be approved/denied on an individual basis. If there are additional items needing to be moved, we require emailing photos along with a detailed request at least 72 hours in advance.
  • What happens if I keep my bins in the closed garage?
    No problem as long as we can gain access! We will use the provided code to enter the garage and ensure that it is closed prior to our departure! Many of our clients will place their bins right outside the garage door in preparation for our arrival. Our service team will then move the bins to the designated area on the street / parkway at the appropriate time. Our service team will then return to bring the bins back up to the same location right outside of the garage door after the trash pick up is complete.
  • What if the city does not pick up the trash at my house?
    Each city has their own rules and regulations in regards to what is acceptable or not acceptable for trash pick up. While we will make sure to follow all city protocol in regards to placement of the bins, we are not able to guarantee pick up due to other infractions such as overflowing bins, loose trash, construction materials etc... If you have any specific questions, please contact us and we can review city requirements and explore the options we have.
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